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Greening Our Homes

Beginning in 2009, we're "greening" our homes, through our use of more eco-friendly and energy efficient building methods and technologies. It's an exciting, challenging and dynamic process. The table below provides some examples of what we're doing.

Item Description:
Green Certification Beginning in 2009, all our houses meet or exceed National Association of Home Builders' Silver standard for Green Building.
HVAC units We've upgraded from SEER 13 units to more energy efficient SEER 15 units in our new homes.
Appliances Beginning in 2009, the appliances in our new homes carry the Energy Star rating.

-Beginning in 2009, we're using open cell spray foam insulation.

Upgraded duct work insulation from 2" to 3".

-More efficient and durable Mastik tape used to seal duct work.

Roofing We're using Galvalume. Made from 40% recycled content, it reflects heat away from the house during the summer, and back into the house in winter. It's also more durable than traditional shingle roofs.
Windows Upgraded from Vinyl DP rated windows to Vinyl Loe rating, a dual-panel window that contains argon gas, which reduces the amount of heat that conducts through the window.
Siding We currently use CertainTeed and Hardiboard siding, highly durable cement composites made from recycled material.
Trim We currently use MiraTec, a composite material that resists mildew and is 5 times more resistent to water absorption than standard wood.
Advanced Framing This method employs a 24 inch spacing between wall studs, reducing the amount of trees used in framing, while maintaining the structural integrity of the house.
Showers All our showers are equipped with energy saver shower heads.
Light bulbs Beginning in 2009, all our new houses have highly energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
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