Habitat Bay Waveland Weatherization Program

Habitat Bay Waveland’s weatherization projects are completed in partnership with Diversified Energy, through funding from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s EnergyWise Program. Jeff Haag, President of Diversified Energy, writes that

“It is exciting when you go into a home with so much potential to make so much difference for those who need it the most. We have a meaningful job to do and the smiles that we see daily are priceless. The Energy Wise Program and Habitat for Humanity is doing so much for so many qualified homeowners and it is a pleasure to be a part of it.”

Since January 2016, we’ve served 75 families in our service area. Typical work involves an air sealing package, insulating the water heater, installing LED bulbs, insulating the attic, and tuning up or replacing the HVAC system. Our goal is to improve the comfort and air quality in the home, as well, create a 20% cost savings in energy bills. The net result for a low-income family can be a $40-$50 “raise” each month.

Mr. Russell, a Vietnam Veteran, received weatherization services through the EnergyWise Program. His home has never had central air conditioning and was heated by space heaters. We removed his window units and installed a whole house heating and cooling system, provided air sealing as well as insulating the floors and attic. We also teach homeowners effective ways to save money with the use of programmable thermostats and reducing the temperature setting on their water heater. Mr. Russell is a very satisfied “cool” customer.

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